Westwood Cross Tunnels

Back in October 2104 KURG was informed of a void which had opened up in the Primark car park situated in the Westwood Cross retail outlet located in Thanet. At the time of discovery a local resident informed the engineering consultant that he was aware of an air raid shelter that was excavated from the side of a railway cutting present at the time.
On 3rd November a small party of KURG members investigated the site. Photographs have kindly been supplied by Barry Stewart, and Rod was able to make a survey and the following observations. I now think that the tunnels were dug by the army in WW1 as practise tunnels. Similar ones were dug not far away at the site in St Peters High St.
This would explain the deep slots for pit props that were never fitted (except for one) at very regular intervals (possible length of pick handle) The lower, narrower passage may have been a model ventilation heading as it is opposite the brick shaft”.