Skinners School, Tunbridge Wells

In 2012 Skinners School in Tunbridge Wells, Kent found an underground air raid shelter under the site of a new car park to the east of the school. It was lined with precast concrete panels and had two or three chambers at right angles to one another. The school’s headmaster went inside it and took some photographs but then it was apparently backfilled. Unfortunately KURG was not called in on that one, but the story came to KURG’s attention and the school was contacted.


An invitation was given to carry out an exploratory dig to look for the entrance to another of the school’s shelters, under the playground adjacent to the old school building. A photograph in the school’s records showed a shelter entrance on the east side of the playground where there is a natural fall in the land. A small KURG digging crew dug out and located the entrance and dropped into the shelter. The air was checked and was good and the in-situ concrete floor was dry, which allowed a survey to be carried out before it was resealed.