The members are a unique mixture of the practical and academic. On the active side they explore and survey underground features for which they have the necessary skills and equipment. Some projects call for technical expertise in the use of pumps, winches, timbering, etc. Safety is a very big feature in the Group’s activities and new members are taught the skills by others with many years’ experience. On the academic side, they carry out research into old records as well as talking to elderly residents whose memories are invaluable. All these skills are brought together to publish the history of sites in the Group’s Research Reports. Every member has something to contribute regardless of age, ability or fitness.
The Group produces regular Newsletters and Research Reports are occasionally produced on specific subjects where they are large enough to warrant it. There is an Institutional (Subscriber) Membership for organisations such as libraries which wish to receive the publications only. Although individual projects are encouraged, the Group organises field meetings during the year to sites of interest as well as social events.
The Group is willing, at short notice, to visit sites where they can advise on the origin and extent of an underground feature. Although they concentrate on Kent, the Group has been called out to places as far away as Sussex and Berkshire. There are a number of Field Officers who carry out the initial visit and, if further work is needed, they will arrange for other members to join them to carry out exploration and surveys.
A copy of our Underground Investigation Procedures and Safety Protocols can be found here. Document KURG Protocol (PDF, 1MB)
Requests for assistance or further details of the Group should be sent to the Secretary.


Can We Help

Members of the group have numerous years of experience in the exploration, excavation, research and surveying underground features. There are usually members available as most times should urgent assessment or recording be required, with the ability to cover Kent, East Sussex and South East London or possibly further afield.

Our Services

• Keep a database of sites
• Can provide speakers for meetings
• SRT (Single Rope Technique) to investigate wells/deneholes/deep shafts/etc.
• Carry out work on behalf of 3rd parties
• Archival research
• Grill abandoned shafts/adits

Recent Projects


Asda, Ramsgate

The Kent Underground Research Group was invited to examine the tunnels, and a site visit and survey made on 13th January 2012 showed the structure to be a World War 1 air-raid shelter……..

Fan Bay Dig

We have had some fairly good news about the planning for Fan Bay. It was granted yesterday but it has had many extra restrictions placed on it before work can actually begin…..

Ellington Place, Ramsgate

In May 2010 KURG were called to a development site off Ellington Place, Ramsgate by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust who had found two underground structures….

In 2014 the National Trust began the enormous task of clearing out Fan Bay Deep Shelter along Dover’s White Cliffs.  This Second World War construction was only one of a series of defensive structures in and around Dover, which became known as Hellfire Corner during the war for the amount of air raids which flew to London and back directly over the town, the shelling it took directly from the German Cross Channel guns and the Luftawffe attacks on Allied shipping which were carried out constantly in the Dover Straits.
Fan Bay Deep Shelter was stripped of its fixtures and fittings and backfilled soon after the war.  Left to the ravages of time and nature, its entrances became impossible to locate and the incredible sound mirrors which had been built into the side of the Fan Bay cliffs became lost.

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